“School districts are using solar power to cut their energy bills—and cope with budget cuts.
— - Wall Street Journal 2012

SOLAR FOR SCHOOLS and universities

Beyond the energy and overhead savings generated by a solar installation, solar energy utilized on a k-12 school, college, or university gives a unique opportunity for learning for students.   By incorporating technology into a curriculum, students of all grade levels and areas of study can apply hands-on-learning opportunities, gain a head-start in the 21st century sustainability industry.

Solar Stewards Program

Clean, on-site, renewable solar energy without the upfront cost.

Solar Stewards Program brings the benefits of solar energy to non-profits, NGOs, Places of Worship, and Schools. 

solar learning tools for k-12 schools

Learning Lab

US Green Build Council Provides access hands-on curriculum and resources to help K-12 educators bring classroom projects to life. Solar Concierge through the Solar Stewards Program works to include learning programs to use solar as a STEM teaching tool.

STEM Solar Labs

The SSL curriculum is a series of modular activities that are designed to be integrated with existing physics- using engineering and technology, math, and other science curriculum that teachers participating in the project are currently using.

The STEM Solar Lab™ ("SSL"™) is a set of educational tools developed by Diversified Construction Services, LLC and Hyperion Systems, LLC working with the STEM ED Institute at UMass Amherst. The SSL has three components.