We’re set to reach 100% renewable energy — and it’s just the beginning.
— Urs Hölzle, Senior Vice President, Technical Infrastructure @ Google 2017


Business for Low-Carbon

Solar Concierge joins one thousand companies and investors in signing the Business Backs Low-Carbon USA statement in November 2016.




Deciding to purchase a solar installation is a very involved decision.  Within the realm of a solar installation you have the aspects of construction, permitting, zoning, power purchase agreements, technology, taxes, possible grants, and of course financing.   This can be overwhelming for corporations and businesses of any size to try to manage themselves.  Solar Concierge is here to assist with in-depth knowledge of the solar industry, photovoltaic technology, solar regulations and grants, programs and incentives for solar installations, relationships with installers, and financing options.  

We act as an agent for our commercial customers by:

  • Generating customized reports and potential site selections for the client
  • Coordinating energy audits and site specific energy usage
  • Determining ROI on solar investments specific to each site
  • Evaluating  per site available rebates, grants and tax incentives
  • Researching and bringing forth a network of financing options
  • Facilitating a comprehensive bid process  with our network of qualified installers
  • Providing  information on photovoltaic technology and equipment to ensure our client can make an educated decision
  • Assisting with permitting and zoning
  • Negotiating lucrative power purchase agreements (PPAs), and feed-in tariffs when applicable
  • Scheduling and facilitating installation with installer, client, and operations manager
  • Informing client the how-to’s and what’s-its of their new system and its' interworkings
  • Monitoring, maintenance and repair services available