The City’s commitment to 100% clean energy will create good local jobs for Atlanta residents, reduce air pollution and associated public health risks, reduce the strain on water resources and save consumers money.
— Atlanta City Council Resolution to adopt 100% renewable power by 2035


Cities and counties are feeling the pinch of lower tax revenue and higher maintenance costs. At times, years of deferred maintenance make the implementation of solar a far-off dream. Solar Concierge can assist in developing a solar strategy that meets city-wide objectives and demonstrates a commitment to a smart future. Whether it be through a municipal lease, a power purchase agreement,or implementing pro-solar policy, we help our clients chose the right path, and are there to advise every step of the way.

Solar Atlanta Skyline

Solar Atlanta

Solar Concierge worked with the City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability to vet Fire Stations and Community Centers throughout Atlanta for the adoption of Distributed Generation Solar Energy.

social renewable energy CREDITS

With the Solar Stewards program, Climate Stewards can meet or exceed carbon reduction goals with a tangible investment in Social Renewable Energy Credits that deliver unparalleled value to the triple bottom line.   Climate Stewards choose the social causes that resonate the most with their mission.  Solar Stewards pairs these causes with both on-site solar deployment and community investment, making sure to tell the story along the way.


Lighting can be one of the most costly expenses for a city, yet without adequate lighting, safety and other quality of life factors can be affected. Solar lighting utilizes the power of the sun by day, to illuminate and safeguard the night. Ideal for healthcare, with power redundancy needs, and for streetscapes such as round-abouts and parking lots, solar lighting creates a cost saving way in the dark.



Parking canopies are a practical application for solar which provide shaded parking during the day, and can offset the energy needed to light parking structures at night.  Electric Vehicle parking stations can also be supplemented by the power produced by a solar canopy.

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